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for garden rooms, offices or bedrooms

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Our huts are available in traditional corrugated iron or western red cedar cladding.  At  7’7” or 8’wide our shepherd huts are larger than most  giving a roomy feel and making them more practical for any use.  The Haywain Hut has tapering side walls giving an attractive shape reminiscent of gypsy caravans.

For a more authentic look to our huts we use original reclaimed cast iron wheels when available The iron wheels are built on to an oak and steel chassis with steerable front wheels and a drawbar.

Our huts have a traditional feel but are built using modern timber frame construction methods.  The framework is made from treated timber and fitted with insulation boards to help keep the hut cosy.  This is covered with a breathable waterproof membrane over which the exterior wood paneling or corrugated iron is fitted.   All our timber is FSC sourced.  The hut is topped off with a curved corrugated iron roof in black.

Handmade steps lead up to a stable door with a small diamond window.  Inside there is an optional oak or pitch pine floor with beaded panelling on the walls and ceiling.  We include a cottage style window with double glazed units and an oak windowsill as standard but we can fit extra windows if you wish.  

The hut is supplied with an electric hook up.  A consumer unit, three wall lights and two sockets are provided.  Our huts can also be fitted with a full solar panel system if you prefer.

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